We’ve got a lot to be thankful for here at Awful Announcing.  Specifically for the birth of Straight Outta Stockton and its namesake, Dick Stockton.  We’ll have a couple roundtables later this week on more of what we’re thankful for at AA, but for now, let’s celebrate Dick Stockton… who now has the highest weekly total in the Pammies or the Dickies so far this season.  The envelope, please…

10) “Call me crazy, but I’m excited to see Tyler Palko tonight.” – Ron Jaworski (via glokkenspx)

9) “It’s so tough to score down inside the one.” – Phil Simms right AFTER the #Bears score from the 1 (via BKibbs). I swear he’s said this on multiple occasions this year.

8) “TOUCHDOWN BUFFALO! I MEAN TO SAY MIAMI!” – Marv Albert (via AlexFromBuffalo)

7) “The Lions beat the stuffing out of the Packers…” – Bob Costas (via thesportsgeeks) wins bad Thanksgiving pun of the week.

6) There has never been a pass caught in the history of the NFL caught out of bounds.” – Brian Billick (via AlexFromBuffalo)  He also called 49ers K David Akers, “Fred.”

5) “Rod Smart remember him? He Hate Me! That’s what it said on the back of his jersey. Well not in the NFL.” – Dick Stockton (via matthoeppner)

4) “Interesting receiving corps they have here in Dallas” – Phil Simms (via SpringRubber).  Phil was in Chicago to announce Chargers-Bears.  Yipes.

3) “Now he’ll just have to take the loss. A gain of 1 yard there.” – Dick Stockton (via Dascenzo)

2) “The ball hits the leg in the Chief” – Mike Tirico (via JMPTrillOG)

1) “That’s Tony Scheffler’s 5th touchdown of the game, 2nd only to Calvin Johnson….” – Dick Stockton (via Packey)

Week 11 Top 5 –

1) Dick Stockton 54 pts

2) Phil Simms 41.5 pts

3) Brian Billick 32 pts

4) Mike Tirico 28 pts

5) Jon Gruden 26 pts

Others receiving votes – Chris Berman 15 pts, Dan Dierdorf 13 pts, Joe Buck 11 pts, Cris Collinsworth 11 pts, Scott Hanson 10 pts, Jim Nantz 10, Rich Gannon 9 pts, Dan Fouts 8.5 pts, Bob Griese 8.5 pts, Troy Aikman 8 pts, Dan Patrick 7 pts, Jim Mora 6 pts, Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Tim Ryan 5 pts, Al Michaels 4.5, Bob Costas 4 pts, Warren Moon 3 pts, Marv Albert 3 pts, Terry Bradshaw 3 pts, Thom Brennaman 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt, Ron Jaworski 1 pt.

The Full Week 12 NFL Announcing Schedule should be up before the Thanksgiving games begin tomorrow and we’ll have our Straight Outta Stockton open thread ready for Thanksgiving Day!

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