This week launched Straight Outta Stockton, our NFL version of the revered Pammies here at AA.  For the final 12 weeks of the NFL regular season (and possibly the postseason), we’ll gather every week to count down the top 10 Straight Outta Stockton quotes as voted by you.  When the points are tallied up at the end of the season, we’ll crown our Dickies champ!  Dick himself gathered 7th place on the totem pole while an underdog claimed top spot in the first week of competition.  NFL announcers are competing for this, right?  Anyways, the envelope please…

10) “Endonken Sue.” –Tony Siragusa (via SFOrangeMan)

9) “When you’re the Dolphins, and you’re winless, you need to win bad” – Jon Gruden (via kenosando)

8) “I’m just gonna guess it’s a run, you know why? I’m watching the left tackle… Oh I was wrong” – Phil Simms (via TheLoadedOne)

7) There he is, lined up in the slot. Wait, no he’s not.” – Dick Stockton (via bjo109)

6) “Alex Smith steps up in the pocket and completely exposes himself” – Moose Johnston (via djstevem)

5) “There it is! Knee’s down! Wait, I don’t know.” – Phil Simms (via bjo109)

4) “Jay’s gonna unleash this one, trying to squeeze into that tight, little hole” – Cris Collinsworth (via gooner_)

3) Lets Snooki our way back to the Jersey Shore” – Chris Berman (via JKoenAU)

2) “You’ve got a lot of beef up in there” – Brian Billick (via MatttheKuhn)

1) “The Lions undefeated season is over… for now” – Scott Hanson (via Real_DWM) uhh.. Scott, it’s over period.

Week 6 Top 5 –

1) Scott Hanson 10 pts

T2) Brian Billick 9 pts

T2) Phil Simms 9 pts

4) Chris Berman 8 pts

5) Cris Collinsworth 7 pts

Others receiving votes – Daryl Johnston 5 pts, Dick Stockton 4 pts, Jon Gruden 2 pts, Tony Siragusa 1 pt.

The Full Week 7 NFL Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Sunday when the fun begins for another week Straight Outta Stockton!

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