Honestly, between you and me, I thought Gary Danielson’s quote would be a runaway winner this week.  However, I can’t complain with the sheer genius of this week’s winning quote.  The official analyst of the dark side of the force, Craig James, is turning this year’s Pammies into a runaway after Pam dominated the early season standings.  He takes top spot and fourth place this week as last year’s Pammies champ Chris Spielman makes his first appearance.  The envelope please…

10) “You are hearing Rocky Top the national anthem of Tennessee” – Verne Lundquist (via many)

9) “What a good get off he had.” – Matt Millen (via sjwest86)

8) “The Tigers need to win two games, but they can’t do that without a victory tonight.”- Charles Davis (via KSJ49) during ALCS promo

7) “I knew right away because it felt different under there.” – Gary Danielson (via sjwest86) on accidentally lining under a guard

6) “When Cousins is hot, he’s the best passer in the game.” – Dave Pasch (via bjo109).  Kirk Cousins?  Really?  Really?

5) “I think he did a one handed job right there.” – Rod Gilmore (via jamiedupler)

4) “When that USC band started to play, what was the first thing we thought? Trojans.” – Craig James (via jasondschwartz)

3) Tebow would be here tonight, but he’s starting for the Broncos tomorrow.” –Brent Musburger (via davidreeves9071).  Tebow was on a bye.  I guess you wouldn’t know watching ESPN this week though.

2) “he’s a dirty player. i’m not saying he’s a dirty player but he’s on his way to being a dirty player.” – Chris Spielman (via bjo109)

1) “Six Trojans are going to come” – Craig James (via SenatorGiggity)

Week 7 Top 5 –

1) Craig James 75 pts

2) Pam Ward 38 pts

3) Matt Millen 35 pts

4) Gary Danielson 32 pts

5) Brent Musburger 17 pts

Others receiving votes – Beth Mowins 13 pts, Brett Favre 13 pts, Lou Holtz 11 pts, Artrell Hawkins 9 pts, Warrick Dunn 9 pts, Dan Hawkins 9 pts, Jenn Brown 9 pts, Mike Patrick 9 pts, Chris Spielman 9 pts, Sean McDonough 8 pts, Gus Johnson 7 pts, Lee Corso 7 pts, Wendi Nix 7 pts, Steve Martin 7 pts, Tom Cole 7 pts, Jesse Palmer 6 pts, Rod Gilmore 6 pts, Andre Ware 5 pts, Dave Pasch 5 pts, Alex Flanagan 4 pts, Mike Morgan 4 pts, Joe Tiller 3 pts, Keith Jones 3 pts, Desmond Howard 3 pts, Shaun King 3 pts, Charles Davis 3 pts, Danny Kanell 2 pts, Steve Beuerlein 2 pts, Scott Van Pelt 2 pts, Kevin Kugler 1 pt, Eric Collins 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt.

The Full Week 8 Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Saturday for the Pam Ward Chronicles and another week of the Pammies!

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