Today on WFAN in New York, radio host Mike Francesa had one of the more embarrassing moments in recent memory after he was asked about Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque. Just watch this first clip that comes to us via Jimmy Traina

Al Alburquerque is someone that Francesa should certainly be familiar with. In the regular season, he had an impressive K/9 of 13.9 with an ERA of 1.87 as a rookie and also memorably got plunked in the dome during a batting practice in Baltimore where he suffered a concussion. The other reason he should certainly be familiar with him is the fact that he’s been an absolute gas can of a pitcher for the Tigers this series against New York. He’s the one who gave up the grand slam to Cano in Game 1 and got rocked in Game 4. His ERA is 81.00 this postseason.

But the main reason Francesa should be familiar with Al Alburquerque is the fact that he might possibly have the most hilarious name in all of baseball! Al Alburquerque completely laps Frank Francisco, in my opinion. Anyways, someone on the show must have slapped Francesa and pointed out that his name is indeed Al Alburquerque. At this point, most would probably admit their mistake and have a laugh about it. Francesa instead decided to double down on his stupidity in this clarification again thankfully recorded by Jimmy Traina of SI…

Ahh, yes. If the caller would have said “Alberto Jose” then Francesa would have known exactly who he was talking about. Of course, everyone who follows baseball closely would not have any idea who the hell this Alberto Jose is because he has never been called that once this season – just Al Alburquerque.

Like Bugs Bunny, Alburquerque must have confused Francesa as well.

[H/T Jimmy Traina]

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