Yesterday, Jackson Strong – who has a top 10 best name ever btw, right up there with Max Power – made history by being the first to succesfully land a MotoX frontflip at the X-Games. 

Unfortunately, the announcer calling the action somehow mistook it for a some kind of historic record breaking BACKflip. That is, the kind of flip any MotoX rider worth his salt wouldn’t be caught dead performing without the word “double” in front of it. The kind that was first nailed way back in 1993, 6 years before Tony Hawk put the X-Games on the map by sticking the 900. That is to say, the kind of flip that involves rotating the opposite direction, and is at this point completely pedestrian. Imagine if, when The Birdman finally nailed his white whale of skateboarding, the announcer had enthusiastically proclaimed, “TONY HAWK HAS JUST PERFORMED THE FIRST EVER 540!!” Kinda takes the wind out of your sails no?

Lucky for him nobody was watching. 

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