Yesterday, we received a tweet into the AA Twitter inbox regarding an online petition that exists to persuade Fox to allow broadcasting legend Vin Scully to announce one more World Series.  The driving force behind the online petition is Daily Stache, a Mets blog.  Already, the online document has over 2,000 signatures.  Here’s what the petition says…

Vin Scully, the greatest baseball announcer of all time has not called a World Series Game on Television since Game 5 of the 1988 World Series when his Dodgers defeated the Mighty A’s. As his career comes closer to an end, I feel that this great man and broadcaster needs to have one more chance to shine when the stage shines the brightest, The World Series. Join me in this push to have him get one more chance to crown a World Champion in the way it should always be done, with class, diginity and honor, the way he has done it for over 60 years.

AA supports this petition wholeheartedly!  This is an amazing idea.  Here is the link so you can sign it yourself.  Please do.  Nobody in broadcasting deserves one more moment on the national stage like Vin Scully.  So many great broadcasters of years gone by still have prominent announcing roles – names like Brent Musberger, Dick Enberg, Dick Stockton, and Marv Albert are still at the top of the profession, why would Fox not invite a legend like Vin Scully into their broadcast booth for one World Series? 

As we wrote earlier this week, Fox needs a change in their MLB coverage, even throwing out possible names that Fox could hire to improve their broadcast stable.  What better addition could you make than giving a gracious cameo to the baseball’s best announcer… perhaps ever.  I was 2 years old when Vin Scully last announced a World Series game.  Why not provide an opportunity for millions of young baseball fans that have never heard Vin Scully announce a game?  Sure, it wouldn’t be the typical Fox broadcast with Buck & McCarver (who have announced the World Series since 1996)… but that’s probably a good thing.  In fact, this petition isn’t as much of a criticism of Buck & McCarver, rather a way to honor one of sports’ best announcers (but I’m sure you could sign it if you just want to get rid of them too).  Going old school with the broadcast may in fact be a welcome decision with old and young fans. 

With Vin working at Fox Sports West calling Dodger games, I doubt the logistics would be too difficult.  Please sign the petition and use Twitter, Facebook, or any means you can think of to help this petition become reality and tell Fox you want to see Vin Scully announce one more World Series.

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