Like late in most basketball games that find themselves between nail biter and blowout, the final minute of the North Carolina-Wisconsin game Wednesday night involved a lot of trips to the free throw line and timeouts. After UNC went up 10 near the end, the final minute-oh-three took nearly 20 minutes of real time and long enough to force me to turn my attention elsewhere. Then, Musburger lured me back in with this excited call of a Ben Brust buzzer beater:

Oh, Wisconsin didn’t win it or tie it there? You mean all that for a shot that cut a six-point loss in half? Look, half court buzzer beaters are hard to make and rare to see, no doubt, but I have a problem with Musburger making it seem like it was for all the Tostitos. And then Musburger goes on to suggest Wisconsin should have the next day off from practice! It was like Musburger was in deep and covered the spread with that three. “Nevermind that 42-29 rebounding difference or all the other missed shots that led to a three-point loss, take tomorrow off, Wisconsin.” No, and I want you to take a look at this, Brent.