“WE’RE LOSING RECIPES!!!!” might just be my favorite phrase ever said emphatically by a sports analyst and I fully intend on making it part of my lexicon.

Anyways, Michael Irvin was delivering a rant like only he can about his feelings on the Colts signing Kerry Collins to be the starting QB a mere weeks before opening day. Near the end of his rant, he decided to switch gears completely and put moms and young ladies on notice on the decline of the home cooked meal before seamlessly continuing his rant on the Colts. The volume is a bit low, here’s the highlight of the video written out that starts 1:10 in.

“I should be running slants with the guy that sits in back of Peyton Manning and learns from Peyton Manning. Oh my god, this is what’s wrong with today, the young ladies today, they’re not learning from mom, how to cook. WE’RE LOSING RECIPES! And now we are going to lose Peyton Manning’s knowledge!”

Also, definitely take note of Warren Sapp staring intently at Irvin during that passage and the head nod in agreement afterwards. Good stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not ordering food out tonight.

(H/T Tim Burke for the higher quality video)

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