I’m in amazement that we’ve only just now found this announcing clip, which could be in the running for the call of the year.  This video is from the MIAA high school lacrosse playoffs in Maryland from back in May and the teams featured are the Boys’ Latin School (which you can send your child to for his HS education for the low, low price of $90,080 for four years) and McDonogh (which you can also have your child attend for the incredibly cheap price of $93,480 for four years… sorry if I sound bitter about those numbers, but it’s hard to relate to private school kids playing lacrosse when you grow up in a poor public school and go to class in auxiliary trailers every morning).  This play by play fella’s name is Booker Corrigan and our research department tells me that he does lacrosse pbp for Kudda.com and coached lacrosse previously at the McDonogh School.  One lacrosse website calls him “catch-phrase happy and exhuberant.” (sic)  You’ll see why in just a second.

In this clip, as Boys’ Latin scores a goal, Booker channels his inner B.I.G., ripping off a few lines from “Big Poppa” for his goal call.  An adult high school lacrosse broadcaster quoting Biggie lyrics may be one of the greatest announcing feats I’ve ever seen…

Wow.  Speechless.  That takes some major stones to even attempt.  I’m usually not one for going too far overboard in the schtick department, but a play by play guy quoting rap lyrics for boys high school lacrosse is fine by me.  The extra oomph on “layaz” is just the icing on the cake.  I’m just disappointed his analyst didn’t provide the beat for him!  If only guys like Joe Buck could sound like they’re having this much fun announcing, then they wouldn’t be trending every Saturday on Twitter.  

Now, if Corrigan can quote Will Ferrell doing Robert Goulet doing Biggie next time, then I’d say ESPN needs to sign him up for next year’s NCAA lacrosse Tournament.


H/T Bob’s Blitz 

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