This may be the most robust week of Straight Outta Stockton nominees.  A full 20 mindboggling quotes are here for your enjoyment this week.  And surprisingly, none of them come from current Dickies leader Dick Stockton or Brian Billick.  Can Jon Gruden, Chris Berman, or Joe Buck have a big week to begin a comeback?  Here are your Week 15 nominees…

1) “That’s not unlike last Sunday night when the Cowboys thought they had Dallas put away.” – Mike Mayock (via bigddan11)

2) “Patriots secondary. Much improved. Didn’t blow any coverages, no miscommunications, big balls…big thrown balls over their head…much improved day.” – Rodney Harrison (via DevsFan30)

3) “Tebow was riding his running back for a long time” – Phil Simms (via nro1111)

4) “Who gets in your butt?” – Deion Sanders to Tony Romo (via thedudeinatl)

5) ‎”It’s chilly today in New York. But it is November — I guess it should be.” – Joe Buck (via sys)

6) “I think Michael Vick is starting to come” – Chris Berman on NFL Sunday Countdown (via nro1111)

7) “Joe Flacco is as mobile as any QB playing the game right now” – Cris Collinsworth (via several)

8) “The Ravens score a meaningless touchdown … Well except to some friendly degenerates we know.” – Al Michaels (via joelb811) obviously referring to his own betting habits.

9) “When he hits you, you stay hit.” – Cris Collinsworth (via TUrugby)

10) “LOOK AT THIS CLOWN!!” – Thom Brennaman (via Packey) [VIDEO]

11) “He has this great thing called the beard.” – Jon Gruden (via deadgeneration4)

12) “They’ll go for it here on first down.” – Joe Buck (via sctvman)

13)“This is incredible getoff, he’s got freakish size … He’s eating Max Starks alive” – Jon Gruden (via RunGNC)

14) “The ball is out of bounds. Let’s see who touched it last.” – Marv Albert. Is this basketball? (via bmitchelf)

15) “If you Google a picture of toughness, you’ll find a picture of Roethlisberger. He’s barn strong.” – Jon Gruden (via FlowyDNA)  Barn.  Strong.

16) “I say it every year: know what the NFL stands for? National Fake You Out League” – Tim Ryan (via JeremyShermak).  YOU MEAN IT’S BEEN THE NFYOL ALL THIS TIME?!?! 

17) “Brian Beluga down for the Packers” – Daryl Johnston (via psiegfried).  I know Bulaga is big, but to call him a whale is just plain mean.

18) “Caleb Hanie working his magic as he always does.” – Curt Menefee (via natedog2827)

19) “You’ve gotta love Steven Jackson. He is a professional football player.” – Dan Dierdorf (via mattmiller56)

20) “I’m not a doctor I just play one on TV.” – Rich Gannon (via ConnorKiesel).  No, you don’t.

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