Even though the Pammies season is winding down, Straight Outta Stockton is just reaching the beginning of the home stretch.  The Dickies will be here throughout December and it’s looking like a tight race for the season title.  Here are your Week 12 nominees…

1) “If he completes the pass in the endzone, it’ll be a touchdown” – Dave Lapham (via kcurr0408)

2) “Rolando Blackmon… I mean Rolando McClain” – Daryl Johnston (via angelfanmp)

3) “Helu dancing… and can’t find the dance floor” – Ron Pitts (via JagsFan93)

4) “Patrick Peterson will be giving Newton & Andy Dalton a run for Rookie of the Year.” – Chris Myers (via B_Bugg).  This ignores the fact that there is something called Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

5) “There’s the challenge flag. he threw it! i don’t think they see it!” – Dick Stockton as Raheem Morris threw the flag to a coach (via bjo109)

6) “When he gets possession there, he doesn’t have possession.” – Chad Pennington (via bjo109)

7) “Ndamukong Suh is like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls” – Keyshawn Johnson (via LobShots)

8) “The 53 yard touchdown run by Beanie Wells leads to the 22 yard field goal.” – Terry Bradshaw (via sctvman)

9) “This organization had to move forward with their 12th round pick (Christian Ponder)” – Brian Billick (via siggfya)

10) “I want to measure the large intestine of andy dalton because this kids got guts like ive never seen” – Dave Lapham (via rossmallaley)

11) “This is an incestuous night” – Mike Mayock (via TheLoadedOne)

12) “Hardly anything wrong can go bad.” – Phil Simms (via AA)

13) “Right tackle, Cherilus Gosder.” – Aikman Troy (via Dascenzo) saying Gosder Cherilus’ name backwards for some reason.

14) “Right cheek, left cheek, control all the way through.” –Brian Billick (via poundthehole)

15) “I don’t wanna sound like a cheerleader up here but way to go Brees! That’s awesome!” – Jon Gruden (via ConnorKiesel)

16) “Every day Brees comes to work, Payton stimulates him.” – Jon Gruden (via CaptTouchback)


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