The Pam Ward Chronicles provided tons of great quotes this week and it was very tough for the nominating committee (aka me) to come up with the best of the best selections.  However, after many hours of careful deliberation (aka eeny meeny miny moe), we have brought to you our field of nominees for Week 3.  Pam Ward has taken the top spot in both Week 1 and Week 2, but I have a feeling she’ll face stiff competition this week… particularly from some fantastic innuendo quotes, mostly from Gary Danielson in his 2011 debut.  Also, Mount Rushmore resident Craig James looks to kick start his Pammy campaign with a particularly strong showing.  As a reminder as to how this works, each week we’ll nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that person 10 points all the way down to 1 point for 10th.  Remember, you can vote for your favorite five quotes.  Here are your Week 3 nominees…

1) “Les Miles told me his defensive line loves to make plays and they are violent… violent in a good way.” – Craig James (via bjoe109)

2) “You gotta hold your water.” – Jesse Palmer (via bmaze) on LSU’s defense jumping offside… or needing to pee.

3) “Coach, you’re up by…almost two scores at halftime.” – Jeanine Edwards (via 99_JDK) Boise led 20-9 at the half.

4) “Get ready for the most exciting 25 seconds in sport.” – Dave Pasch (via CaptTouchback) as the Clemson team ran down their hill.

5) “A good defensive lineman may not make the tackle but he’ll make a big pile of rear ends.” – Chris Spielman (via CaptTouchback)

6) “He (Paul Johnson) is unconventional, no, inconventional, no, deconventional in his thought process.” – Keith Jones (via sctvman)

7) “Chris Berman, the best analyst in the business.” – Beth Mowins (via sctvman)

8) “That has to just drive your nuts.” – Gary Danielson (via Powellabama)

9) “I wonder who decided to use ‘Mississippi’ to count as one second? Why not North Dakota or Minnesota?” – Verne Lundquist (via CaptTouchback) with a question that has plagued humanity till the dawn of time… or when Mississippi first became a state.

10) “Houston, scoring his 20th touchdown on the year, on the ground.” – Pam Ward (via MDWDFW)

11) “Not only was the Navy runner untouched by human hands I don’t think he could have been touched by a dodge ball” – Mike Patrick (via sctvman)

12) “The ball hits off three body parts. A hand, a helmet..well, a helmet’s not a body part.” – Gary Danielson (via CaptTouchback)

13) “if he wasn’t a quiet guy, he would be a vocal leader on this club” – Craig James (via dhh78) on Marcus Lattimore.

14) “Got his hands on a lot of balls and then a sack.” – Gary Danielson (via Ryan Scheb)

15) “Kirk Cousins also an internet sensation now after a speech that he gave at the annual Big Ten media luncheon went viral… has over 110 hits on Youtube.” – Alex Flanagan (via Ben Koo) [VIDEO]

16) “Tie goes to the runner.” – Matt Millen (via CK29) on an equal possession reception…it’s not baseball, everyone’s running

17) “It’s so hard to win in football.” – Tom Cole (via sctvman)

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The winners will come Wednesday morning so make sure you vote early and often and check back for the full Week 4 announcing sked later this week!

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