You have to turn the volume up a bit, but below is the entire press conference from the Penn State Board of Trustees tonight.  I can’t imagine a better job done by vice-chairman John Surma in answering the questions and a more insensitive reaction by some of the “journalists” in the room.  It’s unknown at this time who was reacting in what way, whether they were students, or other details so it’s unfair to blanketly blame everyone in the room.  However, the scenes of reporters angrily shouting questions at Surma in light of this week shows zero perspective regarding the entirety of the scandal.  It’s tough to truly grasp what that full perspective is exactly, but the following is a microcosm of how the fallout is evolving.

H/T PSUcomRadio via Deadspin

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

60 thoughts on “Video: The Entire Penn State Board Of Trustees Press Conference

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