Quit your bitching about your brackets and take a quick few minutes to re-watch the final seven seconds of this game (I knowwwww, my bracket got pounded, too — I really thought year nine of the last 10 with a top 5 seed was the year for Pitt). Tim Brando and Mike Gminski are on the call and Brando says he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a game end like this … before the second, potential game-winning free throw clanked off the rim and Pittsburgh’s Nasir Robinson reacted by committing quite possibly the most undisciplined foul in the history of NCAA basketball since the foul right before it.

You have to admire the refs for letting their plums hang low, making the right calls, and letting this round of 32 game be decided by free throws even if it’s not how we all dreamt it up in our pretty little heads. I don’t think you can deny its exciting finish, though, unless you’re a Pitt fan (or had a lot of money riding on Pitt making it to the Finals … argghhhhlkajgklsjfas).

Can you imagine if that last 75-foot heave by Pitt was released on time and actually went in? 1. CBS possibly would’ve missed it; 2. I think Tim Brando would’ve had to morph into Gus Johnson; 3. Our brackets wouldn’t be so screwed; and 4. Oh dear, I’ve gone cross-eyed.

45 thoughts on “VIDEO Of Wild Butler/Pitt Finish As Tim Brando Makes The Call

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