That whole Hank Williams Jr. firing was bound to lead into some heated debates.  Whenever you mix political, cultural, and racial differences with a controversial firing and a Hitler reference… things get messy.  Bomani Jones of Around the Horn, syndicated Alabama radio host Paul Finebaum (no stranger to controversy), and writer Dave Zirin (no stranger to taking on fiery political issues) came together for an OTL panel to discuss Hank Jr’s demise.  Given the personalities involved, the discussion was always going to become heated.  Bomani Jones’ stunned facial expressions only add another layer to the discussion.  Here’s the video of the segment from Guyism

The formula is predictable – grab outspoken people from opposite ends of the political spectrum to bicker with each other.  Bomani Jones tried to add some rational, good points to the argument, but any sense and perspective was drowned out with a lot of yelling.  Here’s the thing, I get where each of these guys is coming from.  Unfortunately though, rational discourse is an endangered species these days.

[H/T Guyism]

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