Perhaps the most incredible ending to a football game imaginable just happened tonight.  After blowing a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter, Sparty found themselves tied 31-31 with unbeaten Wisconsin in the last minute.  They drove to Wisconsin’s 44 yard line with six seconds left.  Michigan State went for the hail mary, which was batted out of the endzone to a Spartan player, Keith Nichol, standing right at the goalline. Somehow, the ball was ruled inches short of the goalline as Nichol was stood up by Wisconsin defenders.  However, thanks to the beauty of instant replay, the correct call was made and Sparty was awarded with the most improbable game winning TD in recent memory.

Even though he was calling for a hook and ladder before the final play, Brent Musburger was all over the final play and got it 100% correct even calling out instant replay deciding the fate of this game.  It’s not every day you see a hail mary win a football game after a replay review… but that’s the beauty of sports.

H/T @cjzero

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