One of our favorite posts from our relaunch in 2010 was the Top 10 Announcing Gaffes of the year.  Once again, to look back on the year that was in Awful Announcing and spread some holiday cheer, we’ve poured through our archives and narrowed down hundreds of possibilities to bring you the Top 10 Announcing Gaffes of 2011 (give or take a couple).  These are the absolute best announcing bloopers and faux pas from the last twelve months.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the list and your favorite gaffe of the year.  

10) Dan Shaughnessy Soothsayer

Dan Shaughnessy is one sportswriter turned talking head that may actually have fewer fans in the blogosphere than Skip Bayless.  So, it’s refreshing to know Shaughnessy is still wiping egg on his face after this guarantee during a rain delay on the last night of the Sawx baseball season.

9) Matt Millen Is Confused, So What Else Is New…

Matt Millen is paid by ESPN to be a college football analyst.  However, given his track record, maybe the following gaffe shouldn’t come as a surprise.  When asked about the Miami quarterback situation in the wake of the Nevin Shaprio scandal and who would replace starter Jacory Harris, Millen replied with “Jarrett Lee.”  One slight inconvenience to this hypothesis… Jarrett Lee plays for LSU.

8B) John Sterling In All His Glory!

Tied in eighth spot are two of our favorite announcers known to get a little lost.  John Sterling is the antithesis of an artful play-by-play man, which might be why so many Yankees fans love Pa Yankee.  However, after so many years in the booth with Ma Yankee (Suzyn Waldman) I think Mr. Sterling is losing a little steam on his fastball. 

8A) Dick Stockton Doesn’t Know Who Derrick Rose Is

Dick Stockton being Dick Stockton….need we say more of the current Dickies leader?–hBOU33M?hd=1

7) The Worst Segment In NFL Pregame Show History

This Kris Jenkins Halloween skit sank the low standards for NFL pregame shows to a place so low, not even Frank Caliendo could trip over the bar.  It’s not funny, doesn’t make sense, and wouldn’t belong on a brain-dead version of Sesame Street!  As Garfield wisely said, whoever came up and produced this four minutes of hell should be drug out into the street and shot.

6) The Legend Of Ortis Deley

Ortis, we hardly knew ye.  Deley was such a disaster for Channel 4 in the UK covering the World Athletics Championships that he was yanked as the main studio host during the event.  The mashup below is jampacked with such awfulness it may rank as the biggest train wreck of 2011. (Thanks to Tim Burke of Deadspin for help finding the clip!)


5) Mike Francesa, Meet Al Alburquerque

Mike Francesa considers himself the Dean of Sports Talk Radio.  His dismissivie egotism when facing callers is perhaps one of his most entertaining traits.  So when Mike’d Up was on the other end of looking a fool earlier this year, it produced comedic gold!

4) “This One’s For All The Tostitos”

By all accounts, there are mixed feelings on Brent Musburger.  Yes, he’s a legendary annoucner and brings a big-game feel.  But, there are some times where Brent leaves viewers scratching their heads.  At least Tostitos must have been happy when Brent dropped this gem seconds before the game-winning kick in the national championship game.

3) Chris Berman Struggles With The Concept Of A Walk Off

The walking caricature Chris Berman is several years past his prime, yet somehow ESPN allows him to still call live sporting events.  In between deep gasps for air, Berman unleashed this blooper on walk-off wins, showing his impressive encyclopedia of baseball knowledge…

2) Your Year In Casual Swearing On The Family Of Networks

It was a banner year for casual swearing on ESPN.  From a couple of crusty old coaches, to an impressionable young sideline reporter, to the man known as Jaws, dirty words were flying freely at the leader.  Yes, it’s juvenile, but damn shit bitch boobs, it’s funny!

Bobby Knight

Jenn Brown

Ron Jaworski

Lee Corso

1) “It’s a five letter word, S-T-R-I-K-E.”

During the World Series, Tim McCarver somehow cemented his Ford C. Frick Award to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as an announcer.  Apparently, correctly spelling the word “strike” isn’t a requirement.  I’m sure the #1 spot on our countdown is just as prestigious as being honored by the Hall of Fame.  Congrats, Tim!

Next week our yearendapalooza continues where we’ll take a look at the flip side and count down our ten favorite clips of 2011!