Clearly, Tom Rinaldi has Ohio State on the brain.  After all, why else would he be in Pennsylvania today, reporting on the Penn State scandal, and proceed to reference Ohio State twice!  Some might excuse this as a silly mistake, and one slip up I can understand.  But two in the course of 30 seconds?  Clearly, this shows ESPN’s anti-Ohio State bias!  (At least to the rabid Bucknuts that drove Kirk Herbstreit out of Columbus.)  After all, ESPN consistently led the charge to bring down Coach Sweater Vest earlier this season.  But of course, it’s insane to compare the situations of Penn State and Ohio State… or Penn State to anything in college athletics.  And yet, it’s clear Tom Rinaldi wishes he were on campus in the Buckeye State instead of anywhere near Penn State.  If Tom Rinaldi is this conflicted, I can’t imagine what Urban Meyer must be going through now as the future head coach of Ohio St. or Penn St... depending on who you ask.

[via Deadspin]

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