Welcome to this week’s Screengrab Snafus… where the reunion between Skip Bayless and Woody Paige on Friday’s First Take got a bit… personal?  Let’s hope the smile on Skip’s face is just him continuing to think uncomfortable thoughts about Tim Tebow and not something else (h/t Paul)…

Last weekend’s Duke/Washington basketball game on CBS featured this list of father/son combos in college basketball.  2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?  (h/t ccfmrf)


One of our best tweeters, CaptTouchback, sent in this screengrab from the awesome UK-IU game.  You may have seen this along with the famous Tom Crean face, but ESPN happened to give the gamewinning three pointer to the wrong team.  Or, maybe Indiana fans were storming the court to celebrate finishing within 5 points of Kentucky?

The master of the chyron fail, bubbaprog, captured this hilarious snafu from another college basketball game this week.  Temple coach Fran Dunphy is looking strikingly good for his age and coaching for over a century, much younger than former Temple coach John Chaney when he was pacing the sidelines.


And finally, Darren Rovell tweeted this screengrab from the Nashville Fox station advertising Sunday’s Titans/Saints game.  Somebody in Nashville is just trying to get back at me and bring a reminder of the Saints’ awful loss to the Rams earlier this season.  How else to explain this???


Next week we’ll have our favorite Screengrab Snafus of 2011!  Next time, be careful out there!

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