After last night’s improbable victory, Tebow looks like they will continue to rise in the NFL.com Power Rankings.  Right now, there’s nothing save for a Mayan apocalypse that can stop Tebow now… except for maybe a team that has a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez.

Maybe Tebow Time could be brought down a couple notches if there was actually an NBA season to talk about.  (OK, let’s not kid ourselves, it wouldn’t.)  Instead of NBA games, which ESPN is still apparently hopeful of showing, why not MORE TEBOW!!  Come on, I think Bristol is really behind on that story…


Who knew MLB realignment would be so radical?  The Astros are moving to the AL West as is another new MLB team


I’m not sure which one here is the snafu in this Washington State-Gonzaga game, but a 12-0 run in 22 seconds is impressive enough.  When it happens and you’ve only scored one point in the game, why that’s downright incredible…

And finally, well… I should just let these last two speak for themselves…




That was your week in Screengrab Snafus, next time be careful out there!

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