It’s Friday, Friday, gettin dow… sorry, I had a relapse for a second.  It’s Friday, so it’s time for Screengrab Snafus, where we pull together the best and funniest screwups of the week.  Thanks to our pal Jimmy Traina at SI for featuring our roundup of graphical gaffes in Hot Clicks last week.  This week’s collection is our biggest one yet thanks to your e-mails and tweets to AA.  To kick us off, Jimmy passed along the following from NFL Network.  With the way Cleveland’s defense played against Tennessee last week… perhaps 4,039 tackles isn’t out of the question for D’Qwell Jackson.


Onto college football, where Notre Dame is averaging almost 100 points in the first quarter per game this season according to the following ESPN graphic.  Amazing to think they’re still an incredibly mediocre football program in spite of those numbers.  Thanks to reader Mike Keeley for the snafu…


UCLA must have seen that snafu and been motivated to really light up the scoreboard against Stanford.  Kegs ‘N Eggs had the pic of ESPN’s Bottom Line showing a 99-0 lead through six minutes AND they were at the Stanford 1 yard line!  I wonder if the bottom line’s scoring system went according to Rick Neuheisel Football for the NES.  CLEAN SNAP TROPHIES FOR EVERYONE!!! 

Reader Jim Jackson noticed this snafu from Sports Illustrated’s Truth & Rumors.  Can you spot what’s the matter with this picture?  Aside from Theo looking like he just realized he owes John Lackey 45.75 million dollars over the next three years that is…


From Darren Rovell‘s award winning Twitter account comes this unfortunate typo involving All-Star Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro, which is actually his second appearance in the snafus.  Poor guy.  I think Castro would prefer the “Starling” misspelling of his name than the “Stalin” version.  At least it’s better than Hitler Castro…


Grantland’s typos are so numerous they have their own running gag on Deadspin.  Matt Gamber sent us the following from Simmonstopia and their feature on the Arizona Diamondbacks.  You would think a smart, intelligent, site like Grantland would at least be wise enough to correctly list a bullpen staff.  Believe it or not, there is no Daniel Rodriguez on the D’Backs roster.  Instead, Grantland is likely looking to list David Hernandez… the same guy listed a few lines down in the article.  Did Mike Francesa write this???


And finally, it was just last week that ESPN has spelled Oklahoma, “Oaklahoma.”  Last.  Week.  This week during a tribute to the late Lee Roy Selmon, the worldwide leader tried to spell Oklahoma once again.  They FAILED once again.  This kind of thing would never happen to Texas… (h/t Bubbaprog)


That was your week in screengrab snafus, next time be careful out there!

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