Perhaps this can become a weekly feature at AA if enough sports networks would be willing to cooperate in comical graphics screw ups.  It’s good for a few weekend laughs.  Earlier this week, we shared this graphic on Twitter thanks to a tip from Jeff Lowe.  When Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome was being traded to the Cleveland Indians, Sports Time Ohio (local broadcaster of Indians games) got him slightly confused with Browns QB Jake Delhomme.  Thus creating the mythical, light hitting, interception throwing Kosuke Delhomme.  Then again, maybe a name change would be good for both…

Then if that wasn’t enough, earlier today on SportsCenter, the leader ran a story on Ravens QB Joe Flacco wanting respect.  At least that’s what it says in the sidebar.  Flacco is a good QB, so it seems like a decent profile idea, right?  Underrated QB searching for respect in the league and in the media.  Well, SportsCenter might want to spell someone’s name correctly the next time they talk about that person’s lack of respect.  Really though, it’s not like Flacco is too hard to spell.  It’s not Nnamdi Asomugha or anything and I think he may have either solved the debt crisis or found the Klopman Diamond according to media reports.  Via @Fettknowsbest and Jamison Hensley

And in case you were wondering, John Clayton’s Twitter page still looks like this…

That was your week in comical graphics screw ups.  Next time, be careful out there!

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