What better way to fill the void left by the NBA lockout than… MAC FOOTBALL baby!  As a born and bred Ohioan, I can testify to the thrilling football produced by this little conference that could.  It’s been on full national display the last two nights.  First, Northern Illinois defeated Toledo 63-60 on Tuesday night in the final seconds with a score that makes Big Ten basketball fans jealous.  Then on Wednesday night, the Ohio Bobcats defeated Temple 35-31 in a game that again went down to the wire… which leads to the following clip.

Ohio had that four point lead with the ball facing 4th and 17 from the Temple 40 and 10 seconds left.  After initially bobbling the snap, Ohio QB Tyler Tettleton does a great job to scramble around and run out the clock, thus securing an Ohio victory and vaulting them to the top of the MAC East.  However, ESPN analyst Ray Bentley was befuddled at Ohio’s decision to not take a knee!!  What were they thinking!!!  Oh yea, it was 4th down.


“That’s just not smart football to me though, all you need to do is take a knee… and the clock will continue to run… oh it was 4th down???  My bad, nevermind, good play (laughs nervously)…” – Ray Bentley

Annnd we have Week 10’s Pammy frontrunner before Craig James even takes a mic!

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