Jon Sciambi may have the worst announcing job at ESPN. Luckily for him ESPN will have the exclusive television rights to Wimbledon so it’s unlikely they’ll have to air reruns of the Harlem Globetrotters Special from 2010 during the first weekend of July. For those who missed out, here is a recap of what makes this what I consider the worst assignment you could get from The Worldwide Leader:

– There is no analyst/color guy although you’re working off the mic’d up players, refs, and coaches.

– Your play by play duties include murmuring “That’s traveling” when a Generals player has the ball stuck up his jersey and then chases after his defensive assignment unaware he is now an offensive player with the ball.

– The program is not aired live.

– You know who is going to win with no doubt whatsoever. In fact at no point is there an onscreen graphic of what the score is and how much time is left. 

– A big part of your role of the program is explaining the historic unveiling of the 4 Point shot zones that are only open at certain periods of the game. 

– You have paint the idea of a penalty box and power plays as “Innovation At It’s Finest”

– You play peacemaker in cooling down a heated arguement about what team is cheating.

– Your duties include narrating skits with Mickey Mouse.


God bless Jon Schiambi. I honestly don’t know if announcing this game or coaching The Generals is worse. If it were up to me I’d bump you up to college softball.

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