Last week, we shared with you our annual list of the Top 10 Announcing Gaffes of the year.  This year, we thought it was only right to give a shout to our favorite clips and the best announcing moments of 2011.  It was tough to whittle our list down to only ten, but these are the very best of the best in the year that was at Awful Announcing.  The Top Ten features announcers from high schools to the minors to the pros and from America to Spain, England, and Italy.  We hope you enjoy this list of classic clips as much as we do.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

10) Cricket Smash

Welsh cricket announcer Edward Bevan gets quite the scare as this smashing cricket hit smashes the window of the commentary box.  The audio of Bevan bravely commentating his own life flashing before his eyes and the glass breaking is quite extraordinary.

9) “TouchDOOOWWWWn!!”

This still unnamed Georgia high school football announcer was one of our favorite finds of the year for the simple way that he exuberantly screamed the word “touchdown” like the finest evangelist. (See, you can make religious jokes about football without mentioning Tim Tebow… oops)

8) Ray Hudson At His Magisterial Best

We could have chosen any of Ray Hudson’s brilliant, eccentric commentary from the past year on GolTV, but his scream and a reference to a Cyclops for this David Villa goal from April’s Clasico is the pick of the lot.

7) “GET UP!!!”

Crazy Jack Edwards is another one of our favorites just for his extreme passion and levels of homerism rarely seen this side of Hawk Harrelson.  And yet, Jack’s homerism is so unhinged, so Texas Chainsaw Massacreish, that it has a bizarre sort of charm to it.  


6) Tiziano Crudeli, Lovably Psychotic Soccer Announcer

We’ve had several foreign soccer announcers light up Awful Announcing in the past year as we toured teh world of AA.  The most colorful and vibrant announcer of that collection is AC Milan announcer and fan Tiziano Crudeli. Crudeli may be the most excitable announcer I’ve ever seen, and he’s just calling the game off a monitor!  At least it’s educational, “Vergogna” translates to “for shame” in Italian.  Our friend Tiziano is also apparently becoming quite the commercial star in the UK as well for Ladbrokes.

5) Spanish Basketball Announcer Loses His Voice In Excitement

In case you didn’t realize by now, yes… we have a thing for crazy foreign announcers, no matter the sport. All the way back in March, we encountered this incredible finish between Real Madrid and Unicaja. It’s not just a great announcing clip because the play by play man loses his voice in the furious ending, it’s one of the more incredible finishes to a basketball game you will ever see!

4) Lacrosse Announcer Channels His Inner BIG

I went to a high school that didn’t even have a lacrosse team, so I’m still a bit surprised that a high school lacrosse announcing clip is one of our favorite moments of the year.  The following clip went viral in the summer as announcer Booker Corrigan busts out BIG lyrics to call a goal.  Sadly as of yet, nobody on national television has been inspired to do the same.

3) Larry Merchant Bows Up To Floyd Mayweather

Venerable HBO Boxing legend Larry Merchant is still going strong at the age of 80.  He’s had his fair share of interview run ins over the years, but none better than this fracas with Floyd Mayweather.  Larry wasn’t afraid to stand up to Floyd and provided us the quote of the year.  (Video via SportsGrid)

“I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass!!!”

2) Take This Job And Shove It

The saga of the Lake County Fielders minor league baseball team was one of the more bizarre of 2011.  It also provided one of the best rants in the history of Awful Announcing.  Reminisce as you listen to Fielders play by play man Qumar Zaman quit on air, honoring-slash-ripping off the great CM Punk.


While the previous nine clips are all awesome, there was only one choice for our favorite clip of 2011.


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