The term “train wreck television” gets thrown around much too lightly these days.  In fact, perhaps we need a more extreme, disastrous terminology to refer to the type of video you’ll see below.  This video goes above and beyond run of the mill train wreck television and into some sort of galactic collision of destruction and despair.  

Ortis Deley was the British television presenter (that’s what they call their studio hosts across the pond) for Channel 4’s coverage of the IAAF World Track And Field Championships from South Korea.  That was until he actually started hosting the championships and was discovered to be one of the worst live anchors in the history of televised sports.  This compilation of Ortis’ work is a smorgasbord of screw ups with something for everyone.  Missed lines, botched names (including his co-workers), rambing incoherence, and awkard pauses are just the beginning…

The host of The Gadget Show was unceremoniously dumped by Channel 4 in Britain due to “hundreds of complaints.”  (I wonder why that never works with Fox baseball.)  The quick demise of Deley’s career as a studio host was reported by the UK Guardian

Channel 4 has dropped Ortis Deley as main presenter of its coverage of the world athletics championships following hundreds of complaints from viewers.

Deley, previously best known as one of the hosts of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, has struggled in the live presenting role and was described by Giles Smith, a critic at the Times, as wearing an “expression that brings to mind furry creatures and headlamps”

Furry creatures and headlamps, wasn’t that the title of Terry Bradshaw’s first album?  Maybe it was Tim McCarver…

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