Herbie EarthquakeAfter LSU out Finkle’d Alabama 9-6, Herbstreit was interviewed by Chris Fowler immediately after he had announced the NBA Jam inspired OK State win over Kansas State. It already was a peculiar interview as the two games were happening simultaneously and Herbstreit and Musberger were in Stillwater and obviously were not able to closely follow the SEC game. What made the interview exponentially stranger was the fact that Stillwater was being shook by an earthquake as he was live on the air. Check out the video below. At about 5 seconds in you can tell something wild/hilarious is going on.

I’ve never personally been in an earthquake, but I can imagine it is an especially harrowing experience. What I am absolutely floored by is the fact that Herbstreit doesn’t even interrupt Fowler while this is going on. He has those couple of seconds of absolute pure terror but then remarkably refocuses and regains his calm as if everything is fine. After briefly explaining the situation to Fowler, he then has him ask his question again about a game he never actually watched.

[Picture via SB Nation]

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