All the way back in November, we told you about America’s least favorite sports talk show host, Colin Cowherd, getting a CBS sitcom based on his life.  Yes, the same Colin Cowherd that delivered a borderline racist rant against John Wall, shut down an internet blog, blatantly plagiarizes other people, and is generally one of the most unlikable people in sports today.  Well, good news sports and primetime situational comedy fans!  Cowherd’s sitcom is being picked up for a pilot as reported by Entertainment Weekly!

No word from EW as to how exactly Producer Colin Cowherd plans on turning real Colin Cowherd into an affable, likable sitcom star.  Even though it’s been a few months since America has been introduced to a sitcom based on the life of the humble star of the Herd, I still can’t quite wrap my mind around it.  I mean, really, Cowherd?  Was Joe Buck unavailable?  I think I’d rather watch a continuous 24 hour loop of Dick Vitale calling Duke basketball games.  I’d rather watch Matt Millen and Joe Theismann break down the Egyptian crisis.  I’d rather watch Emmitt Smith read Pride and Prejudice!  I’d rather… well, you get the idea.  If the Cowherd sitcom actually gets on air, I think this will be the reaction of not only myself, but the nation…

Ah, but you thought we were done with sports related sitcom news, not so fast my friend!  Another ESPN personality is lining up a sitcom regarding his life story.  Deadline Hollywood reports that CBS is also going for a pilot produced by Mark Wahlberg and others about… Mark Schlereth!  Predictably, the Schlereth sitcom revolves around a former NFL player returning home to live with his family.  That just has tons of laughs written all over it.  No word on whether or not the Schlereth character will have a green chile business, or guest star on a fledgling soap opera…

Now, if Schlereth’s character developed an identity crisis where he actually believed himself to be Roc Hoover, then I would watch.  Surely CBS can do something better than these ideas.  Which sports media personality do you think would make the best comedic sitcom?  Go inside Brent Musberger’s gambling?  Get to know how crazy Hawk Harrelson really is?  Leave us a comment on who you would want to see.

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