Pam Ward must be feeling somewhat left out this week.  With Craig James dominating the AA landscape for college football, the advent of the Dickies, and Tim McCarver’s spelling escapades, the AA stalwart has been strangely quiet in the last month.  Perhaps she’s been too busy working for Occupy Herbstreit.  I was really hoping her and Dan Hawkins would be having big seasons in the Pammies so the PamHawk nickname would take off.  Alas, I can only do so much.  This may be the week she finally restarts her Pammies campaign and puts it into high gear.  PamHawk and Cowboy James both venture to ACC country today, so there should be plenty of chances for great Pammy quotes.  

Week 8 Announcing Schedule 

Week 7 winners and updated standings

Wendi Nix: “I hear Doctor Lou will be in the house at halftime.”
Lou Holtz: “Yeah, well no. Not in the house. He’ll be here.”
(via bjo109) 

“I don’t care if it is at 2:30 or 3:30 in the afternoon, Eastern Time” – Randy Cross talking about LSU’s Death Valley, in Central Time. (via sctvman)

“LSU’s defense will dish out physicalness on Auburn.” – Mark May (via bjo109)

“And Louisville with a complete FAIL there on the extra point attempt.” – Dave Lamont (via rob_laser)

“They don’t have the nicest facilities in CFB, but they don’t have the worst in CFB.” – Jesse Palmer (via mvanheiden)

“And now Rutgers has 3rd and a few inches and yards.” – David Diaz Infante (via bjo109)

“Over 58,000 acres of empty country, you say?” – Craig James (via edsbs) for no reason, when Rece Davis describes an AZ park.

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