I like to take a little bit of pride in finding announcing clips that are located in the farthest reaches of cyberspace.  Sometimes, the most entertaining announcing clips come from the largely uncharted realm of high school sports.  You may remember the high school lacrosse announcer that channeled his inner BIG earlier this year.  The following video doesn’t have one of those classic lines, but is entertaining on the whole.  This clip comes from late September and features highlights of a Georgia high school football game – Norcross vs Mill Creek (even though the video wrongly spells it “Nocross”).  Of course, it’s not the football that we want to focus on, but the announcing.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t identify the broadcaster or any other info about the origins of this video, but the two minute highlight package is definitely worth it.  I’ve rarely ever heard such emphasis on an extra point or such impassioned “touchDOOWWWnn” calls.  Other gems include: “The Mill Creek Hawks have just thrown another hook!  BOOM!  BOOM!  BAM!  GET OUTTA THE WAY!”  Watch the video and decide where it fits on the scale from Joe Buck to Gus Johnson…

Personally, I’d much rather listen to this guy announce a game than Joe Buck, Chris Myers, Chris Rose, Thom Brennaman or Dick Stockton.  What are you waiting for, Fox! 


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