You can’t blame Eric Snow for wanting to doze off during the second quarter of a random 76ers game… only problem is that he works as their television analyst.  Oh well, at least half of their audience is probably asleep too.  The unpredictability of sports and announcing games can be very exciting, but I know from experience it can be very hard to keep your attention at certain times.  Just before halftime of a rather meaningless NBA game, in a dead arena, and coming back from a mind-numbingly pointless poll question might just be one of those times.  In this clip, former Sixer and current analyst Eric Snow leaves play by play man Marc Zumoff out to dry after a set-up regarding Evan Turner.  To his credit, Zumoff asks “Are you meditating?”  Snow responds ala Sleep Talking Man (my sister in-law will love this shout out) by mumbling, “I thought I was… trying to stay awoke… you have some people, ya know, they kind of wear on you… get you a little sleepy… so you have to get your burst of energy, that’s how it is on the basketball court.”  Trying… to stay… awoke.  You can’t make this up…

It may just be me, but is Eric Snow sleepily calling out his announcing partner for boring him to sleep during a live broadcast?  If any Sixers fans have more insights, please send us a comment.  It’s sad that we didn’t get a full-blown sleep talk comment.  Analysis like, “That’s the difference between you and me. Your heart is filled with hate, and mine is filled with kittens. Mmmm, kittens. Meow” would bring so much more entertainment to the table.

[H/T Deadspin and 7th and Pattison]

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