There is Jim Rome vs. Jim Everett and of course Floyd Mayweather vs. Brian Kenny and today we were given another ESPN classic argument as Skip Bayless and Chris Broussard minced words over LeBron James.

A stupid debate based about journalistic integrity that arose from another stupid manufactured debate. That’s what happens when you have 4+days without basketball. Digging into this one is a bit painful and similar to trying to identify who is to blame for the latest Indiana Jones movie.

Bayless seems a little too overtly jaded when discussing James. Broussard does seem to be a bit taken aback about the tenor of the comments made by Bayless but is able to stay a bit more professional though out the exchange. Bayless on the other hand leaves us with this classic pose as he sarcastically shouts “Ohh I’ll take that to the bank.”

It’s been almost a decade of Bayless and he is continuously regarded as one of ESPN’s worst personalities. If bloggers have had any role in the removal of Joe Morgan and Stephen A Smith off of the air, we can only hope this helps the case against Bayless.

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