Shaq has always been one of the most entertaining sports stars on and off the court, but his teaser ad for the return of the NBA season is something that will remind you of what to look forward to come December.

Being that most of the American population is so fixated on football right now, missing the NBA during its lockout was something that never really came to a boil. Which is why networks like TNT are looking for creative ways to remind us all of what we may have missed out on so far this year; Shaq analyzing basketball games.

Besides the embarrassing attempt at a rap career, Shaq brilliant dances and sings his way through a “get ready ‘cause here I come” themed video set to introduce the future HOFer in his first job behind a desk at TNT.

While the jury is still out on his actual analytical skills, there is no doubt he will bring plenty of entertainment value to TNT’s NBA Thursday coverage… especially if Chuck and Shaq throwdown like this.

H/T Yardbarker

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