I KNOW! I didn’t know who Esperanza Spalding was either!

The first time I watched this, I lol’d a little. The second time I watched it, I noticed an update on the site that said “Doctors now believe Serene was suffering from a mild stroke,” and I got pretty creeped out. I mean the human brain is crazy complex, and any little thing could pop out of place for a split second, resulting in, well, this. That’s heavy, man. Then I wrote my snarky little joke had another laugh, and went back to drinking. Enjoy.

For those of you wannabe neurologists out there who like to get their learn on, Broca’s area is the part of the brain responsible for producing speech. NOT to be confused with Woernicke’s area which processes language while you listen or read. 

Shoutout to my boy Steve, who once hit his head and forgot how to read. True story. 


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