Ron Franklin just lost his ticket to the Fiesta Bowl after talking like a surly old man who still hasn’t adjusted to women in his workplace. 


As [Rod] Gilmore, [Ed] Cunningham and Franklin discussed [Gilmore’s wife Marie being elected Alameda (CA) mayor], [Jeanine] Edwards tried to join the conversation. When she did, Franklin said to her, “Why don’t you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes.” Edwards responded to Franklin by saying, “don’t call me sweetcakes, I don’t like being talked to like that.” Franklin then said, “okay then, a–hole.”

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Jebus, Gramps, I bet you even slapped her on the ass to bookend that one. ESPN brass probably should have done something about it the first time Franklin was a total prick to a colleague, which he did on the air by the way. Not nearly as entertaining as this little spat between Jim and Ollie but infinitely more uncomfortable I’ll bet. 

I’m sure Ron Franklin is longing for the good ol’ days when everyone knew that he and Mel Gibson calling you Sugartits was a complement, but it’s 2011 here, buddy, and the times, they have a-changed. Let it be known, however, that there are plenty of worse things to be called than “sweetcakes.” At my first job, my team was known around the office as “the pissboys,” and my boss actually referred to me as “Shitdick” — as in, “Hey, Shitdick! How we doing on those invoices? Did you get the bonus I left you? Just ask Fuckstain up front on your way out.” And before you tell me this is different because of the gender component, try looking a grown woman in the eye and asking her where the next box of invoices is after she overhears that water cooler talk.

Ed. Update: Jeannine Edwards has responded and basically confirmed the story with a couple clarifications on the original SbB report in USA Today, replacing “sweetcakes” with “sweet baby.”  Perhaps even more awkward and equally offensive.

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