In rare baseball pitching matchups that rhyme, Phillies’ southpaw Cliff Lee went up against Mets’ righty Dillon Gee last night. Sportscenter’s Robert Flores decided to channel his inner Robert Frost and get all B-Rad with it, effectively earning himself some of the attention he desperately wanted.

But it’s not really because of his poetry, Cheers reference, or flashing of the universal sign language symbol for vagina; it’s because he named-dropped our blog, Awful Announcing. Here’s the fittingly shoddy video, if you can manage to make it through the Lee/Gee rhyming travesty (wow, it is easy to rhyme!):


“The guy[s] from Awful Announcing just pulled a hammy getting to the computer. [Levy chuckles]”

Our hammies, our hammies. The ripping and the tearing. The ripping and the tearing.

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