Rob Dibble is known as somewhat of a loose cannon.  As a player, he was a Nasty Boy and even tried to fight his own manager, rather unsuccessfully if memory serves me correctly.  As a media personality, he has had the same hard edge to him, gaining experience mainly as a panelist on the dying days of The Best Damn Sports Show Period among other places.  He then moved on to the Washington Nationals booth as an analyst.  Somewhat unsurprisingly, his days in the booth came to an end due to controversial comments he made about young ace Stephen Strasburg.  Dibble was fired last September.  Now, Dibs is coming out with his side of the story and why he was fired, well, why he isn’t announcing with the team anymore.  From DC Sports Bog

“Listen, it’s their team, they acted in their own interests,” he told columnist Mark Kriegel. “And I’m gonna tell you something that I’ve never told anybody before. It was basically Strasburg’s father [who] e-mailed the owner and basically was offended by what I said.

“Now remember, I said that on my own radio show on another network, and his father e-mailed the owner and the owner wanted me out of there. so that’s the bottom line. So that should end it. I want Stephen to go on, never have my name brought up and have a great career. I had a great career, I had fun, had a great seven years, and it’s sad for me that people still associate me with him. There should be no association with him.”

“First of all, I never got fired,” Dibble told Kriegel. “I’m still being paid by MASN. You know, a lot of the bloggers got that wrong, but I let ‘em keep it wrong.”

Well then.  Dan Steinberg’s piece goes on with more quotes from a less than apologetic Dibble.  I’m no fan of Rob Dibble’s, but if this is indeed why he got fired, or whatever… it smells of an overprotective father charging the field to argue with the Little League umpire.  Does a million dollar athlete and next big thing in baseball really need his dad to protect him from Rob Dibble?  Probably not.  This story reminds me of Mark Cuban’s quotes from yesterday – unless you spin for the team that employs you, expect to be out of a job… just ask Steve Stone.  Then again, Dibble’s attitude in dropping this info doesn’t put him in a great light either.  Seeing as how it involves the Natinals organization, it’s appropriate that nobody wins.

Rob Dibble says e-mail from Strasburg’s dad ended his MASN tenure – DC Sports Bog

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