One of my favorite parts about the Super Bowl is the outrageous prop bets that are placed all around the country.  Seeing the ridiculousness of some of these bets has become the highlight of Super Bowl week hype.  At AA, we’ve combed through the best and most entertaining prop bets with some helpful predictions.  If you actually take any of this advice and bet real money on any of these, you either have real problems or way too much money to spend… in that case, there are many needy people out there that can use it… oh, I see AA doesn’t have a donate button, nevermind.  Again, these are actual bets from bodog.com.

How many times will Fox show Jerry Jones on TV during the game?  Over (-135) or Under (-105) 2.5

-A tough one right off the bat.  The game is being played in JerryWorld, so he’ll certainly have a prime location during the action.  But, the Cowboys owner will already be a part of Fox’s pregame coverage as a part of a “Cowboys Panel” (WTF), so I think that may be enough to keep this under 2.5.  If it’s a close game, we may not see Jerry at all, but even in a blowout I can only imagine one appearance per half, unless he repeatedly streaks on the field in need of more attention, or replaces Troy Aikman.  PICK: UNDER 2.5

Who will Fox show first during the game: Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend (-140) or Big Ben’s fiance (Even)?

-Fox is big on crowd shots, so you know that at least one of the quarterbacks’ significant others will be shown.  This isn’t CBS, who if I remember correctly, never showed Archie Manning during the Saints/Colts game last year.  With the Roethlisberger redemption narrative taking center stage, I would expect at least one appearance of Big Ben’s fiance, probably in the first half to get it out of the way.  Thank God there’s no marching bands at least.  PICK: Ben Fiance

How many times will Fox mention “Brett Favre” on TV during the game?  Over (-175) or Under (+135) 2.5

-We all know how much NFL media types fawn over Brett Favre.  With no provoking and seemingly out of nowhere, his name can be brought up for any reason.  The tricky part about this bet is that “Brett Favre” has to be said exactly during the live game commentary not including pre-taped vignettes.  However, with Aaron Rodgers replacing Brett Favre and Brett Favre retiring this season, there’s a high likelihood of Brett Favre being mentioned quite a bit.  See how easy it is?  Rodgers plays well, he’s stepping out of the shadow of Brett Favre, someone flips the ball underhand, it’s a Brett Favre, a player is caught sending inappropriate text messages during the game or throwing a crippling INT, there’s Favre again.  That’s a lot of chances to invoke the name of Favre.  I’m going with the underdog here and picking OVER 2.5.

How many times will Fox mention “lockout” on TV during the game?  Over (-120) or Under (-120) 1.5

-You think the NFL wants Fox reminding viewers of impending doom coming in the next couple months?  I don’t think so.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a moratorium on the word lockout during the broadcast.  If it is brought up during the game, it will cleverly be referred to as a “labor dispute.”  PICK: UNDER 1.5

Lebron James 1st Half Points against Clippers (-125) vs Green Bay Packers 1st Half Points (-105)

-I love the cross sport bets and this is the most intriguing and both are capable of putting up big numbers.  LeBron went off for 29 first half points against the Magic on Thursday night.  Remember, in Atlanta the Pack put up 28 first half points against the Falcons.  Playing in the bright lights of LA against Blake Griffin should turn on LBJ’s egomaniac mode and make him a scorer rather than facilitator, but playing in the dome can also be a boon to Green Bay’s offense.  However, Super Bowls are traditionally rather low scoring games, especially in the first half while teams are feeling out the process.  Unless a mysterious elbow injury or Delonte West shows up, LBJ is the pick.  PICK: LeBron

Will a Steelers player do the “championship belt” celebration during the game?  Yes (+115) or No (-155)

-This is perhaps the easiest bet in the game.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so whether it be after a big sack or a touchdown, somebody is doing the “championship belt” celebration.  My pick is James Harrison.  Unfortunately there are no bets on whether or not James Harrison will challenge the Miz for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 27.  PICK: Yes

Which Super Bowl commercial will have a higher rating on USA Today’s annual ad meter?  Bud Light (11/4), Bud (11/4), Doritos (11/2), GoDaddy (10/1), Pepsi Max (6/1), Skechers (12/1), Teleflora (15/1), Other (5/2)

-Now we’ve reached the main event… the commercials!  It may just be me and my high standards, but I’m hoping for a big year from commercials after being disappointed the last few years.  I didn’t get to see any commercials last year because I was running laps around the neighborhood during timeouts with the Saints playing.  There are some leaks out already with a lot of love for Volkswagen’s mini Darth Vader spot, getting 6 million Youtube views already!  VW has won the PR battle going in, and with powers like Budweiser slipping in recent years, the smart money is on OTHER.

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