ESPN’s Monday Night Football Doubleheader to finish Week 1 of the NFL season is always an interesting point of discussion because of who ESPN chooses to be their “second” MNF announcing team.  For whatever reason, that second team falls under intense scrutiny – perhaps it’s because the second half of the MNF doubleheader will be the only NFL game they call all season long.  Perhaps it’s also because we were fed Mike & Mike as an NFL broadcast team on multiple occasions and deserve better.  And even with a record setting night all over MNF (Brady’s 500+ yards, a 99 yard TD, 63 yard FG, and an all-time great instance of casual swearing), that second announce team was all the rage on Twitter.  

More specifically, Trent Dilfer fell under the spotlight with his first swing as an NFL game analyst, trending throughout the evening.  Brad Nessler is a pro and can do the job, but what about Dilfer?  Dilfer has been consistently moving up the food chain of NFL analysts at ESPN and was given Broncos/Raiders as another chance to shine.  Is he fit to be a primetime analyst… or should he continue to backslap Colin Cowherd while only acting like the smartest guy in the room?  The Twitterverse was mixed, with most arguing for the latter.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

nickMAMBA I thought Trent Dilfer was actually good in the booth tonight. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s smooth. I’d like to see him again..
DouglasWilder Good game, awful broadcast, TrentDilfer is da absolute worst! 
JasonMarlo Trent Dilfer sticks up for bad quarterbacks like he has some personal experience with the subject.
DanHellie digging trent dilfer doing color. very solid
ourhonordefend Brad Nessler should call more #MNF games. Trent Dilfer? Not so much.
SC_DougFarrar Trent Dilfer “has been part of some good defenses”. Fourth-string safety?
biird Trent Dilfer talking. @awfulannouncing
androog Trent Dilfer is even worse on TV than he was on the field @awfulannouncing
brianedouglas I thought Trent Dilfer did a really nice job in the MNF booth last night. He offered some good insights into the game.

dtybur Was it just me, or was Trent Dilfer beyond annoying tonight? He never stopped talking and over analyzed everything!
JtheBruce Trent Dilfer knows what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico #dilferknowseverything
MarkSchwab Trent Dilfer was really good in the booth on MNF. If ya missed it, ya missed a good one. He could do that every week.
MerltheAlien The only thing I could tell myself that entire game listening to Trent Dilfer was, at least it’s not Joe Buck.
zachattack1942 I hope Trent Dilfer never does commentary again. My God that was terrible. And the yelling. Why did he have to yell???
bc_chamberlain Trent Dilfer was the worst color commentator in the history of MNF
Gkelly20 I personally think Trent Dilfer is a great analyst don’t understand all the hate on here
Pacman_904 I really cant stand Trent Dilfer
SteezieMcGeezie Trent Dilfer talks way too much. #mnf
TheINC_ Trent Dilfer is answering questions that nobody is asking.

What say you?  Are you a Dilfermaniac or do you want him to just go away so you don’t have to be subject to him talking and yelling so much?


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