For Fox’s preseason broadcast of Steelers/Eagles in Pittsburgh last night the network decided to place studio analyst Terry Bradshaw in the booth with the A Team of Joe Buck (still suffering the effects of his vocal cord illness) and Troy Aikman. The result was… interesting, to say the least (I was watching reality TV for most of the night, so can’t comment definitively either way… c’mon it’s preseason football!).

Some viewers apparently loved the different element TB added. I have to say, if memory serves me correctly, Bradshaw did a Sugar Bowl in the booth with Howie Long when Fox had the college football package and did very well.  However, most viewers on Twitter thought TB sounded hammered, senile, or something a bit more disturbing.  Whatever the case, people were talking about preseason football and Bradshaw’s booth cameo.  A sign of things to come… or an elaborate ruse from Fox to distract America from its apathy towards Joe Buck. If so, that didn’t seem to work.

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