Now that the weekend is upon us, we are thankfully finished with Chris Berman announcing the US Open for another year.  It’s probably a good thing that Berman doesn’t get on the internet or have much knowledge of Twitter, or else he may have this reaction to our Real Tweets compilation

But alas, with the nightmarish combination of Berman and the US Open behind us, my mind got to wandering… what would be the worst possible marriage of announcer and sporting event?  Boomer at one of golf’s majors is certainly near the top of the list in terms of awful, random, and bizarre matches… but what are some other announcing assignments that would equal or surpass what we’ve seen and heard the last two days?  Like we did with our fantasy Spelling Bee announce teams earlier this month, we reached out to our tweeps for some creative and inspired choices and as always, you delivered.  Dick Vitale at the Masters, John Clayton at the World’s Strongest Man, and Vin Scully calling a UFC fight are only a few of the imaginative selections sent to the AA Twitter inbox.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

psicher John Clayton hosting Worlds Strongest Man 
Baroque97 Don Cherry and a cheerleading competition.
JimPap Doc Emrick & tennis
NOTSportsCenter Gus Johnson & The World Series of Poker
djstevem John Sterling calling the Little League World Series “…and Jaaaapaaan wins..”
courtgolf Dick Vitale at Wimbledon
sdavis1980 Mark Jackson at the World Series of Poker
highwayman394 Bill Maas and tractor racing.

RoneFace Marv Albert and figure skating.
Dascenzo Scott Hamilton and March Madness.
GeneInMalvern That soccer guy who screams “goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal” announcing the Masters
JagsFan93 Pierre McGuire and Horse Racing
JimMckaySaidSo brace yourself for this one: bill walton for Isner Mahut rematch.
BravesAndBirds Dick Vitale calling the Masters. The only way that Hootie Johnson would be sympathetic.
philiptang77 pam ward doing autoracing she would be about 3 laps behind

AHubb71 john madden and the ncaa volleyball final four
grantjess Jenn Sterger and anything. Or John Madden and World Series of Poker
mr_anderson_99 joe theismann and olympic curling
Ramblin1963 – Jack Edwards and UFC: “Mine eyes have seen the gory!”
mhfight Charles Barkley – Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
matt_08 Hawk Harrelson and softball. SHE GAWN!
psicher Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless hosting the World Chess Championships
sportthink  Vin Scully and UFC

And then, there were tweets sent into us that weren’t fantasy announcer/sporting event pairings, but actually ones that are quite real.  Yes, meaning the worst possible announcing assignments imaginable are indeed reality.  With some of these reminders, I might have to agree…

jon_ard Chris Berman and anything ever broadcasted
brianhowie Matt Millen and the NFL Draft. Oh, wait…
Dascenzo Chris Myers (or Rose) NFL.
mr_anderson_99 pam ward and anything she does.
odonnelltw emmitt smith and, well, just about anything where the audience has an IQ > a rock.
robrosson Mike Greenberg calling the NFL or Chris Berman doing baseball
marksaenz3 Pam Ward and college football…oh wait…
Aaron_Torres Tim McCarver and Baseball
JamieDupler mark may. Period

And finally, you knew there just had to be a section entirely devoted to Joe Buck…

tcopain Joe Buck and overtime playoff hockey.
JPGuerette Joe Buck/Tim McCarver and anything. Literally- anything.
Jearly84 Joe Buck and ANYTHING.
Curtos07 Joe Buck: Baseball and Football.
tvsportsratings Joe Buck and the World Series….oh, wait
polychester Joe Buck announcing first round games of March Madness
JimPap Joe Buck & World’s Strongest Man

What are your nightmare announcing scenarios that our tweeps might have missed?  Pam Ward calling the Super Bowl?  Dick Enberg and Dick Stockton at the Running of the Bulls?  Harry Caray announcing the World Cup?  Let us know your choices in the comments below!