The corpse of Joe Buck announced yesterday’s Red Sox/Yankees tilt at Fenway Park.  As disinterested as Joe Buck usually sounds, apparently the game on Saturday took Joe to another level of dry, monotone, “I’d rather be on vacation in Tripoli right now” announcing that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing.  First, a shoutout to our pal Jimmy Traina of SI’s Hot Clicks for this video of Joe’s riveting home run call…

Wow.  That was special.  In case you need more proof of Buck seemingly being in a coma as Traina suggested, here’s another home run call from yesterday’s game.  It seems like we should give Joe a bit of a break this time though as SI’s Richard Deitsch Tweeted that Buck had a virus.  Nevertheless, Twitter blew up and Joe Buck was a trending topic for his morbid commentary.  I want to feel sorry for him in this case, but Joe Buck has earned his reputation of emotionless commentary.  If he appeared to cared at all when announcing games the rest of the time, perhaps fans would be more understanding (Marv Albert had a virus during the NCAA Tournament and fans didn’t destroy him if I recall).  Instead, Fox’s play by play man traditionally sounds like he’d rather be cleaning manure out of a barn than announcing a baseball game.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

FakeJeter Joe Buck does the MLB On FOX broadcast with a loaded revolver on the desk, and just stares at it during commercials.
ryangiglio Honestly, I’m watching yesterday’s Yankees Red Sox game, knowing the outcome, just to hear Joe Buck not give a sh*t.
tcostello I officially switched from Chicago trends to New York trends. Fortunately the hatred of Joe Buck apparently transcends geography.
NotCoachTito But seriously I do want to send my condolences to Joe Buck, who apparently passed away before today’s broadcast.
scottnyhc Joe Buck should commentate funerals. Fox needs to fire this emotionless prick.
OriginalNixster #liespeopletell “I love listening to Joe Buck when he calls an MLB/NFL game!”
Swiftdidit Joe Buck sounds like the old man from pawn stars…
mlobikis1 Joe Buck doesn’t act like he’s “been there before,” he acts like he’s been there too many time and is bored to tears by it.

NYMoot One of the few things that Yankees and Red Sox fans can agree on is that Joe Buck is an awful announcer
Zach_Russell If it’s between watching Angel Cabrera win the Masters and watching Joe Buck call a game, I’ll take watching a puppy being runover by an SUV
bruce_arthur Joe Buck makes Jim Nantz sound like Gus Johnson.
InTheCitty Just now learning that Joe Buck is awful? Where have you been the last decade? Would rather listen to one of Craig Sager’s suits call a game
YankeesBones Joe Buck, “Yankees win, i’m going home now to hang myself, oh well” #joebucksucks
c_lauer I didn’t think it was possible, but Joe Buck sounded even more disinterested in the broadcast than he usually does. #redsox
buckweaver Virus only a symptom, not the root. RT @richarddeitsch: Fox Sports: Joe Buck has a virus. That’s why his voice sounds a little off today.
sportsguy33Joe Buck just flat-lined during a home run call. I think it’s time for an intervention.

bigpaulyb @awfulannouncing Joe just seems bored to me….perhaps having a mid-life crisis a bit early at 42.
kensing45 @awfulannouncing Question is why does FOX keep him as #1 guy if TWO sports? Seems pretty universally reviled
JasonOlmstead27 Joe buck is making me more depressed than the #redsox are.
_mistermet How bad is Joe Buck? Hes so bad, I willingly turned on John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman’s broadcast to avoid falling into deep depression.
LivedHere2Long Fox should hire Artie Langue for MLB broadcasts and bring him out like smelling salts at specific moments to wake up Joe Buck.
ThisIsSan_Diego One nice thing about being a fan of a small-market team is that you won’t have to hear Joe Buckbutcher your games. #JoeBuck #sucks
bigleaguestew: Can we get IBMs Watson people to build a A/I version of Vin Scully to replace Joe Buck?