In the short time that I’ve been writing and blogging, I have never seen sports fans, bloggers, and media come together in one movement as they have to support suspended ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman.  We offered our strong position on Feldman’s suspension as ESPN’s Waterloo last night, but we are far from the only ones to publicly state support for Feldman and vehemently criticize ESPN for what appears at this time to be one of their worst moments.  The network has still not released a statement as of 1:45 ET on Friday.  Within hours of the initial report by Brooks, the Feldman story swept across Twitter as Bruce Feldman was transformed from a mere ESPN writer to a rallying cry for standing up for what is right.  Write to ESPN, call them, e-mail them, tweet their editors and on-air personalities, cancel your ESPN Insider subscriptions and take steps to show the ESPN executives that made this decision that their company has lost its way.  As always, these are Real Tweets From Real People…

 What have you done today to show support for Bruce Feldman? I’m talking mostly to journalists. We can’t let this stand. #freebruce
: If only Bruce Feldman had let someone else write the Leach book then plagiarized it, might have been promoted #FreeBruce

 ESPN Insider subscription canceled. #FreeBruce

If you appreciate journalists who do their job professionally and with respect … then boycott ESPN. Seriously. #FreeBruce

Reading the  hashtag and am overwhelmed. Testament to Bruce’s professionalism, reputation and character.

Just canceled my ESPN Insider account. Celebrating with a big ol’ cup of #freebruce

If the Mike Leach book isn’t a best-seller after THIS, well, I’ll be stunned. Well done, suits. #freebruce

I am Spartacus! #freebruce

Miss one text from  last night to grab a beer, and crazy news breaks. Tough to not see ESPN as the villain here. FREEBRUCE