Yes, I’ll admit… I was one of those people that turned off the second half of Game 2 of the NBA Finals and turned on ESPN for the final five of the Scripps National Spelling Bee (luckily, I turned back with just over a minute to go in the game, whew).  There’s just something about kids spelling strange words that makes for compelling television.  However, the Spelling Bee could become so much more if there was an announcing team in place to give the event the excitement it deserves.  We went to Twitter to ask AA readers who their fantasy Spelling Bee announcing team would be.  Any play by play guy.  Any analyst.  The results were amazing.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

Dascenzo  Rod Allen and Chris Berman
Dayman_OS  Gus (“SOUND IT OUT AND FIRE!”) and John Madden (“You put a x here, a o here, a z here, and BOOM you got a spelling champ!”)
sgsmith_23  Vin Scully, Clyde Frazier.
tjbasalla  Gus and Hubie Brown
redveale  Keith Jackson and Charles Barkley.
LevityNYC  John Sterling – “You can’t predict Spelling Bees.”
Kevin_Hebert  Harry Caray and Mike Shannon..Hearing them try to pronounce the words would be phenomenal
ellenlai  Mike Emrick and Charles Barkley
markmagnuson7  Brent Musberger and JR from WWE. The word “partner” would be said 47,000 times.

bryanbrackney  Emmitt Smith, all by himself
modernishfather  Bob Uecker and Jim Deshaies. I’d pay to hear them cover the bee.
joebeacham  Zombie Ernie Harwell and Drunk Rick Sutcliffe
itsjordylive  Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and a translator (totally necessary).
philiptang77  Al Michaels and Bill Raftery who could yell onions after someone got a word right
hawks586  Hawk Harrelson solo..”HE GONE”
DLefchak  The late Harry Kalas (“That kid’s OUTTA HERE!) & Tim McCarver (“The kid who spells the most words right will probably win.”
SportPundits  Kevin “right between the eyes” Harlan and Bob “slightly racist jokes” Griese
hawknut  I want Rick Sutcliffe and Patrick Warburton (as David Puddy). No, seriously, make this happen immediately.

yeatdog  Gus Johnson and Buck Laughlin
mhfight  dick vitale and dikembe mutumbo
bielik_tim  Gary Thorne and Cavaliers Color Analyst Austin Carr.
JeffDLowe  Dream Spelling Bee Announcing Team: Harlan (Is this the dagger? B4 end of a word) or Ian Eagle (THAT’S A MAN’S WORD!)
RYbbc34  Andres Cantor and Jesse “The Body” Ventura
glokkenspx  Jim Nantz (think of the pun potential) & Johnny Miller (love to see him bash a 12 year old chocking under pressure)
HoosierdaddyIU  Gary McCord and Vern Lundquist #whothehellishappygilmore
Dan_Brookens  Harry Caray and Gilbert Gottfried.
matthewcoller  I’ll take Marty + Thom Brennaman. Marty trashes kids not from Cincinnati, Thom worships the Christian-looking kids
Dayman_OS  Dennis Miller, so he could incorporate the words being spelled into obscure jokes that nobody gets.
walshie414  Jack Edwards and either Tommy Heinsohn or Hawk Harrelson

J3rdWatson  Howard Cosell and Tim McCarver. Perfect blend of of pretentious and oblivious.
Dascenzo  Harry Caray and Ron Santo would be unbelievable.
GlasgowSmile21  Howard Stern and Simon Cowell
KevinWhite24  Jim Ross
TheLYONSDen89  Dream Spelling Bee PBP team: Gus Johnson and Ron Santo
EspoAZ  Easy,Harry Caray and Will Ferrell playing Harry Caray. Could spell the words and then tell you what they are backwards.
RadioFish  Keith Jackson and Dickie V. “That kid…is a hus” “He’s a diaper dandy I tell ya!”
StevenCarroll8  chris berman, because he so horrible it would be great, and phil rizzuto, would not understand what was going on
djstarion  Dream Bee PBP: Brian Collins and the reanimated corpse of Rebecca Sealfon

Would one of these teams be your choice or is there another fantasy announcing team that are tweeps might have missed?