I’m going to break some news this morning.  Are you ready for it?  You might want to sit down, because this news will shock you.  In fact, it may be the most surprising sports story of 2011.  Here it goes…

Chris Berman annoys everybody.

Well, almost everybody.  Steve Levy is evidently still drinking the Kool-Aid.  I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.  You see, like most of these ginned up All-Star “festivities,” the novelty of the Home Run contest has worn thin over the years.  Kinda like a certain loudmouthed announcer that anchored the coverage tonight – Chris Berman.  I tried to watch the competition on the DVR, but only got through about 2 back, backs before I had to shut it down and watch The Pick, The Pawn, and The Polish, resisting the urge to pour hot wax in my ears and download The Herd podcast.  Thankfully though, we had many Good Samaritans that suffered through the Home Run Derby at various times and spoke up on their feelings towards the one and only Chris Berman.  

You see, the MLB All-Star Game and preceding Home Run Derby is like Christmas in July for Awful Announcing.  The MLB All-Star break is normally the deadest period of the sporting calendar… but we get Chris Berman and Buck/McCarver on back to back nights!!  What could be better?  (Or worse.)    We chronicled your responses during the US Open on Chris Berman’s subpar play by play skills, but one would think that the Home Run Derby would cater more to Berman’s hideous schtick.  At least he gets to use his catchphrases and nicknames ad nauseum, right?    

The only fitting way to analyze Berman’s “performance” in the Home Run Derby is to turn it over to you.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

Single worst broadcast event of each year: Chris Berman calling HR derby

I was glad Chris Berman mentioned my name because it kind of jolted me from my nap. #notkidding

Did you hear that kid babbling? I’d rather listen to that, than Chris Berman.

I like how ESPN uses Chris Berman to announce the Home Run Derby. Anything to make me and Joe look good tomorrow night at the main event.

I can’t remember ever deciding not to watch a sporting event simply due to announcer. Until tonight. Can’t even handle Chris Berman on mute.

It’s almost like the home runs surprise Chris Berman somehow

As a fan of subtle wit and clever observations I’m saddened to be missing Chris Berman call the HR Derby

Chris Berman even makes deaf people watching the  put the TV on mute.
Lot of prayers for “Please make Chris Berman choke on his microphone” right now. Interesting.

Home Run Derby has been done for a while now and I still can’t get Chris Berman’s voice out of my head. My ears ache. #wherestheadvil

the first 10 minutes of this might remove any doubt and put Berman in place of Morgan on Mt. Rushmore. #HRDerby

What did we do as a society to get Chris Berman & Joe Buck on back to back nights? @awfulannouncing

“I *am* the Swami, you know.” OHMYGODIHADNOIDEA. CC: @awfulannouncing

8 people have asked me to start a petition to have Vin Scully call the HR Derby……

Chris Berman’s wearing an adult diaper. ?

seriously, when is  going to realize people don’t like chris Berman and don’t watch programs because of him? @awfulannouncing

Unsolved Mysteries needs to come back so they can investigate who actually finds Chris Berman entertaining. #HRDerby

Chris Berman and John Kruk are having a horrible joke competition. So far Berman is winning the kick in the nads. #HRDerby

Chris Berman ruins everything.

 Alright Chris Berman, you know cities around Phoenix, congrats. But it’s not funny.

Just got done with the home run derby and Chris Berman, now I know what Kubrick really made those guys watch in Clockwork Orange #painful

One of the things in sports that makes me the most infuriated is knowing that Chris Berman believes he is beloved and talented. #hrderby

The CIA should torture terrorists by making them listen to ChrisBerman call the HR derby  #shutup

Nails on a chalkboard, babies crying, a jet engine from 10 feet away: things I’d rather listen instead of Chris Berman

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