Chris Berman is a polarizing figure.  On one hand, there are sports fans that wish he would just go away.  On the other hand, there are sports fans that wish he would just go away and never come back.  Berman has been an institution at ESPN since the network’s earliest days, but his schtick has lost much of its luster in recent years.  Last we saw Boomer, he was having a bit of trouble with the concept of a walk off win in baseball.  Although Berman is most synonymous with the NFL and some MLB work, ESPN has also experimented with him providing play by play coverage of golf’s US Open in recent years.  The results have been met with something less than worldwide acclaim.  Today, viewers took to Twitter to voice their displeasure, especially golf fans and several established golf writers included in this list.  Seems like they aren’t fans of da Schwam.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

The Human Vuvuzela returns, Chris Berman anchoring ESPN’s U.S. Open coverage. Stay tuned for “David ‘Ground Control to Major’ Toms.” Alas.

The US Open marks the unofficial start of the season for a nation of amateurs … but it also means Chris Berman in a TV tower. #mutebutton

Chris Berman calling golf is like Gilbert Gottfried reading scripture. #USOpen

My god. Chris Berman calling the US Open? It’s hard to relax and enjoy golf with all that heavy breathing going on.

  it is the 2 worst days of golf broadcasting every year. Thank goodness ESPN doesn’t take him to the UK
Every year I block out the fact that Chris Berman mans the ESPN coverage and every year I’m frantically searching for the mute button early

Chris Berman anchoring  is like Larry The Cable Guy hosting the Oscars in a sleeveless tux.

Please get Chris Berman off  coverage. While we’re at it, get Berman off TV completely. #YoureWithMeLeather.

Chris Berman’s contract clause that he announces U.S. Opens surely must give ESPN execs pause for the cause. Brutal.

That’s because Berman is an idiot. Why do you think they keep him as far away from Augusta as possible?

I’ll see Kelly Tilghman and raise you a Chris Berman. There is no bigger jackass — and more ill-informed idiot — in broadcasting.

Chris Berman? Curtis Strange? Does ESPN hate us that much?

Memo to : having Chris Berman anchor your golf coverage is a surefire way to get me not to watch it.

is there somewhere I can watch the US open other than espn? Chris Berman is the worst announcer in the history of tv

It’s not that I won’t watch a golf telecast with Chris Berman announcing, it’s that I can’t. Broken too many TVs that way in the past.

Chris Berman as the main anchor for the US Open?? Did ESPN have a meeting and say “ can we make 5 hours of TV almost unwatchable?”

Berm must have pics of ESPN exec with barn animals to keep getting that gig.
I could really use a lot less Chris Berman on this ESPN US Open broadcast. Like, none at all.

I turned on and immediately Chris Berman used a “patience of Job” pun after Grant Jobe birdied…I switched the channel
Chris Berman is calling the US Open, so I’m going with the Boston police scanner for audio again

After Chris Berman makes a good U.S. Open point, he pauses like George W. Bush after correctly pronouncing a foreign leader’s name.

Chris Berman is famous for being a loudmouth, cheesy nickname giving knucklehead Just perfect for quiet, sophisticated golf
Is anyone listening to Chris berman on espn? He keeps going to some slingblade type voice. Frigging hilarious

Nothing like the bumblings of Chris Berman to ruin US Open coverage on ESPN.

Love the U.S. Open but is there anything worse than Berman on golf coverage?

I see Chris Berman is back doing Open coverage for ESPN. I hope all the golf doesn’t get in the way of his lame schtick.

Chris Berman should never be allowed to do golf again. He is painful to listen to on this broadcast

ESPN thought it was a good idea for Berman to do lead announcer at the US Open? I thought The Decision approver got fired.


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