The hoopla surrounding the Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central last night got me thinking… which sports personality would make the best roastee?  Of course, Charlie Sheen has blazed his own insane trail filled with warlocks, tiger blood, drugs, porn stars, more drugs, television shows, crazed rants, winning, and even more drugs.  The roast last night was funny, but with all of Charlie Sheen’s craziness, it left me a little underwhelmed from the pure insanity perspective… even with Mike Tyson and Jeff Ross dressed as Moammar Gadhafi sharing the stage with him.  (By the way, Ross, Anthony Jeselnik, and Shatner topped my Charlie Sheen Roast Power Rankings for those wondering.)  Could anyone in sports produce such a scene or be deserving of their own roast?  We took to Twitter so you could tell us who you want to see on the hot seat… figuratively or literally.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

CoreyNYC @awfulannouncing Brett Farve or A-Rod, for all the obvious reasons.
derekjhernandez @awfulannouncing Lebron James. would be brutal and there would be plenty of roasters to choose from.
TurtleZoot @awfulannouncing Albert Haynesworth, because he’s such a friggen easy target for jokes. And he deserves MEANNESS to him
JamesonFleming @awfulannouncing Double-Roast: Rob and Rex Ryan because well simply they are Rob and Rex Ryan.
chrisbahnNJ @awfulannouncing ARod, especially if his teammates were there, find out how they really feel about him
TVGugs @awfulannouncing In a world where nobody was allowed to pull punches and he couldn’t fire anyone for it, a Vince McMahon roast would rule.
ejmaroun  @awfulannouncing LeBron. Wait, by roast you mean actually hold him over an open flame, right? #CavsFan
HossBonaventure @awfulannouncing Charles Barkley would be a good one, mostly because he has a sense of humor. I feel like most athletes do not.
RYbbc34 @awfulannouncing if you’re talking a physical roasting, i bet Chris Berman would look good cooking over a fire with an apple in his mouth

YankeeMegInPHL @awfulannouncing Chris Berman. So I can annoy the shit out of him too.
CaptTouchback @awfulannouncing Berman…He has zero sense of humor about himself. So much to roast him about. He would take it worse than Michael Scott.
metsfanmurph @awfulannouncing I would like to see Derek Jeter get roasted because for one day I would like to see people not kiss his ass.
RalphieBoyy @awfulannouncing Ozzie Guillen – I’d quit on him mid-roast and see how he reacts. Actually ditto Manny Ramirez on that one…
WiburTN  @awfulannouncing Joe Buck, but, I would hope that eventually people would give up on being funny and just make him cry.
kingsmill63 @awfulannouncing I would like to see Sean Avery because, to put it simply, he is a jackass.
donnarey188 @awfulannouncing Stephen A. Smith. Oh wait, did you mean roasted figuratively?
NotCoachTito  @awfulannouncing I would like to roast Dan Shaughnessy. I mean literally. With fire.

And now, the Craig James category…

HarveyMireles @awfulannouncing OMG I need a Craig James Roast in my life with Official Roastmaster Mike Leach!
ProfessorDrew @awfulannouncing Craig James. Because everyone would actually mean all the shit they say to him.
LoneTweeter @awfulannouncing If it could be literal roasting, Craig James. #firecraigjames
OHD_Michael  Craig James, but the insults wouldn’t be jokes
OsamaBinLowden @awfulannouncing craig james. Mike leach get first crack at him.
CaptTouchback @awfulannouncing Craig James…but Mike Leach and Bruce Feldman have to be on the panel. Must See TV!
semicorrect @awfulannouncing I want to see Craig James roasted, and not just with comedy. #ImmolateCraigJames

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