Rampage Jackson has never been one to handle interviews in a traditional way, and the one following his win at the most recent UFC PPV was no exception. MMA reporter Karyn Bryant decides to try her luck following his win, and for about 75% of the interview she somewhat suceeds. That is until B.A. asks about her ethnicity and finds out that she is part Jamaican and busts out the cheeseball “you’re Jamaican me horny” line. Predictably, it’s downhill from there, with compliments to her body, almost motorboating her, and then bringing up past instances where he has dry humped a reporter. You gotta love when a post-fight victory interview ends with the reporter scurrying away as Rampage says the hilariously awful line of “get away from me, get away. Before I hump you in front of everybody. Get away, get away.”

[MMA Heat]

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