I’ll just say that this may be the greatest announcing moment in the history of the microphone.  It comes from Marist High School’s 31-28 victory over St. Patrick in Chicago back in early October, but the clip has just surfaced on Youtube.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the announcer, but I can say it’s the most dramatic call of a field goal you will ever hear.  For starters, the announcer intros the kicker and holder in much the same way as Phil Davison, candidate for STARK COUNTY TREASURER.  The intensity throughout is worthy of Mike Singletary.  Thankfully, for humanity, Marist wins the game on this field goal as time expires, eliciting a reaction like that of winning the Super Bowl several hundred times over.  And the grand finale is simply the piece de resistance.  PYROTECHNICS!!!

I now know what I’m shouting when anything good happens the rest of my life.  PYROTECHNICS!!!!

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