The Philadelphia Eagles found a new way to comically blow yet another game, losing embarrassingly to the Buffalo Bills 24-31 after falling behind to a huge deficit early in the game.  This loss wouldn’t be so bad if they were like, you know, playing up to their collective abilities.  However, with over a quarter of the season gone, it very well could be that the Eagles just plain stink.  Good thing they just spent the GDP of a small nation on Michael Vick and all those free agents, as their One-and-Four record is falling just a little bit short of all the pre-season expectations heaped upon the squad.

Listen as the Philadelphia Eagles radio announcer Merrill Reese freaks out after an offsides violation on 4th and inches, with 1:23 to go in the game.  Their sad-sack defense probably wouldn’t have stopped the Bills anyways, but this is still enjoyable to everyone that doesn’t cheer for the Iggles:

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